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A 7% single tax for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in Moldova

Following the approval of amendments to Law no. 77/2016 regarding information technology parks, we announce that Moldova IT Park is opening up new opportunities for the development of the outsourcing industry!

Moldova IT Park will further facilitate the operation of call centers (82.20), including those based on any technology/channel of customer communication (contact center), exclusively for export, and other labor supply services (78.30), exclusively for export.

A company registered in MITP pays a 7% single tax on its turnover, simple to calculate and report, and it replaces the corporate tax and all employee-related taxes, such as social security, health insurance, personal income tax, local taxes. It does not include only VAT, which is anyway 0% on the export of services, and withholding taxes on dividends and other payments made to non-residents.

ABSL Moldova, proudly representing the Business Service Sector and the Business Process Outsourcing industry, encourages all companies to explore and capitalize on these new possibilities.