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About ABSL

Brings together firms who conduct business

ABSL Moldova is a non-governmental, non-profit business association created to be the voice of the outsourcing industry in Moldova. It brings together firms who conduct business in Shared Service Center (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing
(BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Research & Development (R&D), and companies contributing to the sector`s evolution.

The association aims to develop the potential of the modern business services sector and create conditions for its continued growth in the Republic of Moldova.

Lobby & Advocacy

Facilitate contact with state institutions and decision makers

Legal framework & Fiscal incentives

Facilitate the establishment of a preferential fiscal regime for BPO, SSC and R&D activities

Business Networking & Cooperation

Identify and facilitate meetings with potential local/international business partners

Knowledge Sharing & Education

Support and promote a career in the outsourcing industry by promoting the sector among the youth and by offering development opportunities for young specialists in the BPO, SSC, and R&D sectors

Our Mission

ABSL supports the expansion and further development of the outsourcing industry in Moldova. The association acts as a government relations adviser, an accelerator in building meaningful relations with the government representatives and business community on key aspects to enhance the outsourcing sector.

ABSL Objectives

Promote and represent members interests
Facilitate investment opportunitiesfor members and companies in thesector
Strengthen the cooperation betweenthe Association members, as well asbetween members and public authorities
Actively promote the BPO sector amongyouth and offer carrier opportunities
Increase the competitiveness of Moldova’s BPO sector
Improve public awareness of the sectorand communication with the community
  • Promote and represent members interests
  • Facilitate investment opportunities for members and companies in the
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the Association members, as well as between members and public authorities
  • Actively promote the BPO sector among youth and offer carrier opportunities
  • Increase the competitiveness of Moldova’s BPO sector
  • Improve public awareness of the sector and communication with the community

ABSL International

The first ABSL was established in 2009, by the initiative of the biggest companies representing the business services sector in Poland.
Since then, the Association of Business Service Leaders has extended in Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland and Moldova.
The purpose of ABSL’s international cooperation is to inspire the business community in the sector to constantly strive for excellence, and to promote continued growth and strengthening of the sector’s standing in the region.

The rapidly-growing business services sector in the CEE Region now employs over 750,000 people. As the largest organization representing the sector in the region, ABSL strives to promote innovative solutions and support new investments that will help the industry grow on an entirely different level.

The main objectives of the Association, on a global scale:
- To give the business services industry a common voice to help shape its environment and destiny
- Collaborate with the local and national authorities
- Enhancing industry dialogue and collaboration

Industry Testimonials

„We have come to Moldova 11 years ago with the idea to create a team of skillful and enthusiastic people. The outcome is absolutely positive, as today Cedacri lnternational is an
important support for the Group which allows it to strengthen its position on the market.”

Francesco Pippio

CEO, Cedacri

“As a company we have been operating in Moldova for 2 years now, having by this time 105 employees. Our decision to do business in Moldova was strongly influenced by the specific skill-set offered by Moldovan labor, in addition to the excellent language skills. We were also able to find a very pleasant and modern work space (Digital Park building) which could compete with many offices in Manhattan. Moldova in particular has offered us an educated and skilled, multilingual workforce with an eager and reliable work ethic. It is for these
reasons that Moldova has proved to be a very attractive business environment.”

Brian Crist

CEO, Business Class

“We entered the Moldovan market in 2007, hiring a handful of people for back-office work. But soon, we realized that we could expand the Moldovan office, tapping into a substantial reservoir of very talented, young, multilingual, and hardworking people. DevelopmentAid is very proud of its 100+ Moldovan colleagues. They have come to form the heart of our organization, now covering data-management, administration, recruitment, sales and IT. Their combined inputs have propelled our business forward beyond all expectations, allowing us to become the world’s leader in our field.”

Luc Vocks

CEO, DevelopmentAid

“We are Moldova’s leading Telco and we have a successful nearshoring business. Our services are an asset for our partners, who can rely on us to rationalize their organizations and improve their efficiency. Aiming to provide the best service, our teams achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rate year after year.”
Code Factory has been working with IT specialists from Moldova for more than 10 years and we have always appreciated their professionalism and dedication. It was an obvious choice for us to open our first delivery center outside of Romania in Chisinau in 2013 and we are extremely happy with the decision that helped grow our company and attracted first-class international customers.”

Julien Ducarroz

Ex-Orange Moldova’s CEO, CEO Orange Poland

“The Call Center started its activity since 2008. We provided our services for the Italian market first. Once we’ve analyzed the market, we understood that the activity could cover multiple languages as well. Now we offer mostly all European languages, we have around 50 fix operators, that can scale easily when necessary, and we are a part of the international networking that let us provide BPO services in all languages worldwide. Working in Moldova empowers us to offer our clients skilled operators at advantageous operational costs. We
choose Moldova because of development opportunities and the country is well organized in terms of infrastructure and IT.”

Marco Buti

Director, Primo Contatto

“We have been present on the Moldovan market for the past 25 years, providing quality services to various private and public sector clients in Moldova. In 2019 we have launched a pilot project in Chisinau, creating a Competency Center for Romanian and Moldovan audit departments, with colleagues providing the necessary support via fully undertaking the responsibility for execution of specific tasks, part of the audit methodology. Since then, the pilot project turned into a business unit, reaching a headcount comparable to that of the
other lines of services combined, with a total headcount exceeding 70 people in PwC Moldova. Indeed, the quality of human resources in the Republic of Moldova offers us the opportunity to explore opportunities for optimization and efficiency of our activities, for the benefit of our clients.” 

Alexandru Gozun

Director Advisory Services, PwC Moldova