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ClientChisinau, Moldova, A. Puskin 45B str. MD 2005Yearnicoleta.sili@ascendis.mdAuthor+373 22 203 517Share

Established in 1997, Ascendis Moldova is the largest consultancy and training company for corporate organizational development in Romania as well as in Moldova. A team of 70 consultants and facilitators, a portfolio of 300 returning clients with 7500 days of training and over 1000 corporate events delivered in the last 3 years sum up an activity that led our partners to reach a new standard of excellence.

The organizational change their clients experience is always measured by results. And this is not a mere declaration of intent but Ascendis Moldova’s very business philosophy, implemented through a complex know-how, by people who defined their career through performance. The partners’ needs are diverse and complex. The majority of them relate to the development of certain skills or attitudes of their employees in the context of using advanced business tools- strategy, processes and ways of implementation. The company’s services lead them through an innovative process so at the end of this laborious paradigm shift their set objectives are met.