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Dopomoga Group is your trusted partner in recruitment and talent management. They are leaders in the Republic of Moldova, specializing in recruiting top professionals for Middle and Top Management positions, as well as in the IT field. They also offer outsourcing and personnel management services to support businesses in efficiently managing their human resources.

Working in accordance with international standards, Dopomoga Group places special emphasis on the quality and trustworthiness of their partnership. With vast experience and a solution-oriented approach, they specialize in identifying and attracting the most talented professionals for businesses.

Both global companies and those just starting their journey in the business world successfully benefit from Dopomoga Group’s services. Their dedicated team and state-of-the-art technology ensure efficient recruitment and selection processes.

Dopomoga Group’s objective is to bring added value to businesses, helping them build strong teams and achieve their business goals. They are there to assist in overcoming human resources challenges and to support businesses in increasing efficiency and productivity.