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Chisinau, Moldova, Independentei 26/3 str. MD 70 222 123Share

Efficient Data Processing was created in 2004 by EBTS (European Breakdown Tyre System & Technical Services)-part of famous Belgian company Banden de Condé. Tyre company Groep de Condé sets up EBTS as an independent business, founded in 1994 and  based in Hasselt, Belgium, with  subsidiaries in Poland, France, Spain and Moldova. With a multicultural and multilingual support platform, EBTS makes sure that vehicles get back on the road as soon as possible after a breakdown.

No aspect of our business ever stands still: we are always improving our systems and we keep a close eye on the latest market trends. From driving in convoy to electronification and climate change: we find solutions for today’s problems and those yet to come.

Our people are experts in the three Ts: Technology, Transport and Topography. They effortlessly converse with your customers in multiple languages, and they waste no time in getting to the core of the problem.

We know that every minute of downtime is a minute lost. That flexibility, service and innovation are essential for individuals and businesses with a clear ambition. We know this because just like you, we’re always in motion.