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Chisinau, Moldova,Anton Pann str. MD 69 505 956Share

Grafit Holding is an international group of companies operating through out Europe and USA, focused on highly automated B2B sales processes. At this moment Grafit Holding consists of: Sovamax Trading, Eminia Trading, Lanius Trading, Agava Trading, Sovamax USA, RA Trading, Gamaiun Consulting, MTEAM.

They are a Moldovan company with German capital and European values, which resells the residual production to the European and US markets. They contribute to solving the big problem of overproduction in the world by selling ready-made resources so as not to produce new ones, thereby taking care of the environment. The global mission of the company is to make the world cleaner. While there is still a long way from achieving this, they think it’s about as real as it gets. Therefore, they are already doing a lot to implement it, starting from the atmosphere within the team.