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On September 14th, at Digital Park in Chișinău, ABSL Moldova, the association representing the Business Services industry in the Republic of Moldova, in partnership with Invest Moldova and with the financial support of the Governments of Germany and Switzerland, had the honor of organizing the first ABSL Summit in Moldova. The event marked a special moment for the business services sector in Moldova, and its primary aim was to highlight its potential as a nearshoring destination.

The event brought together local and international speakers, representatives of government institutions, and industry leaders. It served as a perfect hub to discuss and explore the prospects of the business services sector in Moldova.

The opening of the event by Prime Minister Dorin Recean underscored the crucial impact that the business services sector had on the Moldovan economy. This summit thus became a catalyst for the country’s development as a reference nearshoring destination.

The business services sector represents a vast and diverse category of essential services for organizations and companies. This category encompasses any service that can be exported, making it extremely diverse and complex, including BPO services, accounting and finance services, consulting, digital marketing and advertising, legal services, etc.

Inclusivity and diversity are fundamental values of this sector, providing a conducive working environment for all categories of professionals, regardless of gender or age. The sector facilitates regional development through remote work opportunities, contributing to equalizing opportunities throughout Moldova.

The business services sector has demonstrated the highest resilience in the face of challenges, rapidly adapting to economic changes. In a challenging year like 2022, when many other industries experienced job losses, the Business Services and IT sector in Moldova recorded an impressive growth of 2,800 jobs. It thus became the cornerstone of the labor force in the Republic of Moldova, significantly contributing to job creation and the development of young professionals.